Automated Gate Remote Controls from Faac, BFT and Came

Wide Range of Electric Gate Remote Controls

We provide automated gate remote controls for new gates and existing gate systems. Remote controls are often the simplest and easiest way to gain access to your gate or garage door. We can source replacement remote controls if you have lost or damaged your existing remote. We can also come to site to code them in for you, although most are quite simple to programme. Our electric gate remote control service covers any gate.

If you don’t already have remote controls on your gates or garage doors, and would like this feature, we can install a remote control system for you. We can even provide you with one remote control to open both systems. Contact us for prices and availability.

  • Automated Gate Remote Control

    Faac XT2 Remote Control

  • Automated Gate Remote Control

    BFT Mitto 2 Button

  • Automated Gate Remote Control

    Came Top 2 Button

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