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Automated Gate Solutions Ltd offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective Electric Gate Installation & Maintenance service. Furthermore we boast experience with all major gate automation brands available in the UK. Some of these include Faac, Came, BFT, Fadini and Ellard.

We provide cover in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and Greater London. Automated Gate Solutions Ltd engineers have installed, repaired and maintained electric driveway gates in Esher, Cobham, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Henley, Virginia Water, Reading, Ascot and Sunningdale.

If you’re unsure whether we service your area, please do not hesitate to Contact us. A member of our dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you.

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Automated Gate Solutions employ dedicated sales surveyors who can attend your site and provide a detailed estimate. We always base your estimate on your exact requirements, to ensure your gate system meets your needs and budget expectations. In addition, repairs and maintenance calls can be carried out to ensure your investment is reliable, safe and protected.

Call Automated Gate Solutions Ltd today on 01252 372422, or visit our Contact page to arrange appointments. We can help with any aspect of Electric Gate Installation & Maintenance. If you’re looking for more inspiration, please visit our Gallery page for numerous examples of our completed projects. Alternatively, you can visit our Facebook page for even more.

Electric Swings Gates

The Most Popular Choice of Domestic Automated Gate

These are the most popular choice for domestic properties. We supply and automate both hardwood timber and steel gates. These can be bespoke designed and manufactured for your property. Electric swing gates generally have two types of the motor; underground motors mounted into foundation boxes and ram-type operators, usually mounted at mid-level on the back of the gate. Our surveyors will advise which type of motor would be most suited to your property. Factors such as wind, the water table, and the design of the gate can all play a part in the decision. As with all our Electric Gate Installation & Maintenance projects, we install all necessary safety covers. This way, we ensure that your gate will be safe for all to use. Automatic swing gates can be controlled by all the standard commands. Such commands include remote controls, keypads, audio or video entry systems, and push buttons.

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The Alternative

Automatic sliding gates can provide an excellent alternative to swing gates. If you have a rising driveway, a wider than average opening or limited space for gates to swing into, these will suit you. Your drive will be completely clear when the gate is in the open position. For security, the operator locks into the open or closed position. Electric sliding gates can be timber or metal. They traditionally run along a metal track embedded into the ground. If required, we can install a pair of sliding gates which part in the middle.


If the ground is uneven, you may consider the cantilever gate. Timber sliding gates are often mounted onto a metal frame to give the system rigidity. This ensures they run along the track smoothly. As with all our installations, we install all necessary safety cover to ensure that your gate will be safe for all to use. Automated sliding gates can be controlled by all the standard commands. Such commands include remote controls, keypads, audio or video entry systems and push buttons.

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The Traditional Option

Steel gates are a traditional choice for automation; our gates are custom made for each individual site. This leaves you to decide on your chosen design and decorating finish. We offer metal gates in both sliding and swing options. Furthermore, we can supply matching pedestrian gates and railings to bring a cohesive look to the boundary of your property. Steel gates are strong and if powder coated, can look great for years, without having to redecorate. Timber gates, on the other hand, do require more maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking their best. If you already have metal gates, we should be able to install automation. This will provide your property with security and your family with the convenience of automation.

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Our Wooden Options

Our timber gates are usually hardwood, to ensure they can withstand the strains placed on them by automation. They come in a range of designs and finishes. Certain woods are more suited to decoration than others, so our surveyors can discuss the options with you. Timber gates can be swing or sliding, but we will often use a metal frame for wooden sliding gates. Doing so, ensures they run true along the track. We can supply either metal or timber posts for your new wooden gates, or if suitable, they can be installed on a brick pier. Close-boarded timber gates can provide a high level of privacy as they prevent people from seeing in.

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If you already have a set of timber gates, please contact us. We will arrange for a member of our technical sales team to attend site and give an estimate for the automation of your gate, to provide security and convenience. We can also supply matching pedestrian gates and fencing.

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