Our engineers are fully trained in Electric Gate Repairs, having attended training courses with all the major equipment suppliers

Expert Electric Gate Repairs Service in Esher, Weybridge, Wimbledon, Henley & Cobham

We provide an expert electric gate repair service to new and existing customers. Above all, we understand that when your automated gate system is not functioning correctly, it is not only inconvenient but can pose a security risk to your property. Our engineers are fully trained, having attended training courses with all the major equipment suppliers, and also with over 16 years experience will be able to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We also have excellent relationships with all the major automation suppliers in the UK, so we can obtain the parts to repair your system quickly and efficiently, to minimise downtime. Furthermore we provide automatic gate repair for every leading brand of electric gate in the UK including Faac, Came, BFT, Fadini, Ellard, AES, BPT, Videx, Cardin, NICE & Aprimatic.

Automatic Gate Repairs

Our attendance and labour rates are competitive. We are also part of GateSafe.

Contact us today to book an engineer to attend and repair your electric gate, garage door, barrier or audio/video entry system. Don’t have automated gates yet? Visit our Installations page to find out how we can help you join our other satisfied customers.

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