Can my existing manual gate be automated?

One of the most frequently asked questions amongst all our FAQs, Yes, usually an existing manual gate can be automated. As long as the gate is structurally sound and can withstand the strains that automation place on the gate, either under gate or ram type automation can be fitted to allow the gates to move automatically.

Of course, as long as the driveway doesn’t slope across (so the gate is not moving up and down a hill during travel) and you have enough room for the gate to open into, then a sliding gate is a great option if you have limited parking space on the driveway.

There are many options for commanding the gate to open. Remote controls are the most popular way. These can be used from within the car and are small enough to carry around on your keyring. Coded entry keypads, video or audio entry, proximity readers and free entry/exit loops are also available to suit your requirements. Our surveyor will be able to explain each option and you can decide which method is most appropriate for you. All of the command methods can be retro fitted if you need to change how access is granted at an time in the future.

We install various different safety devices onto the gates, to protect both pedestrians and vehicles moving in and out of the gateway. Safety photocells and safety loops will stop the gates from closing onto the car (as long as you are within the detection area) and safety edges stop and reverse the gate upon detection of an obstacle. Our engineers will explain how the system works at handover and will show you where the detection areas are.

There are various methods for your tradesmen to gain access or deliver post/parcels to you. A letterbox installed on the gate or fencing is a great option for the postman and it maintains the security of your property. You can have a timed trades button to allow access at predetermined times each day. Gardeners/cleaners can be given a code for the keypad. Our surveyors can discuss with you and offer the most appropriate solutions.

If the power is cut to the gates, then there is a manual release mechanism on all motors. This allows you to disengage the motors and move the gate manually during the power cut. Once the power is restored, the motor can be re-engaged and the gates will work automatically again. It is essential that these manual release mechanisms are regularly serviced, to prevent them from seizing and not releasing. This could lead to you being stuck in or out of your property. At handover of any new installation, the engineers will hand over the manual release key (which should be kept in a safe place) and will show you how to use the manual release. If you loose the manual release key, you can often get replacements. Contact us if you need a replacement key.

All automated systems need servicing, just like your car, to maintain the performance, safety and reliability of the system, and to extend the life expectancy.

A maintenance contract is a good way to ensure that the gates are regularly serviced. Maintenance contract customers will also receive priority service over non-contract customers. This will ensure minimal disruption and speedy repair should the gates fail.

However, we will attend site and carry out a service at any time for a set fee – contact us on 01252 372422 for price and availability.