Swing vs. Sliding: Choose The Right Electric Gate For Your Driveway

Swing vs. Sliding: Choose The Right Electric Gate For Your Driveway

Are you considering an electric gate installation for your driveway? Would you like to feel safe and secure on your property at all times? With our high-quality, professionally designed electric driveway gates you can have the peace of mind and the aesthetically pleasing property you deserve.

At Automated Gate Solutions, we supply and install swing or sliding electric driveway gates that are designed for your property. From timber wood models to sophisticated metal designs, we offer a range of styles to suit your unique home.

But first, it is important to choose which gate function is best suited for your property. You need to consider your style and your preference of convenience.

Electric Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a popular choice for those who are working with limited space, have a rising driveway or have a wider than average opening. It is a brilliant and convenient solution as the sliding function allows for the drive to be completely clear when the gate is in the open position. Leave it to our team of experts to choose the perfect gate system for your driveway – whether you prefer timber or metal. We will make sure that we supply an electric gate system that works best with the layout of your property.

Electric Swing Gates

If your property and driveway allow for the space necessary to accommodate swing gates, then this is certainly the best option for you. We supply both sleek steel gates and hardwood timber gates depending on your preference. Either can be bespoke designed and manufactured to fit your property.

Plus, both of these electric driveway gates include a variety of standard command systems. You can choose from remote controls, keypads, audio or video entry systems or the classic push buttons. We understand that your gate system should allow for ultimate convenience and maximum protection, while looking sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

So, which electric gate team will you be on – swing or sliding? Contact Automated Gate Solutions and arrange an appointment with one of our expert surveyors. Let’s discuss your new electric driveway gate solution and installation today.